About Me

Nail polish speak louder than words


I’m a busy mum, with a full-time job and I’m obsessed with all things nail related. I love creating new designs and colours and get so excited for every new design idea that pops into my head!

I’ve given up my gel nails as my nail bed started to thin after almost 20 years of misuse. So, I started experimenting at home with designs and looks and that’s when I really fell in love with nail polish.

I found that ordering most nail art supplies online usually shipped from far far away and took weeks to arrive! I thought, surely, there had to be a better way. Short of making my own polishes, I wanted nail art looks that could last me a few weeks and I wanted it now!

And that’s how Savannah Nail Box was born, a desire for ‘ready to go looks’, as and when I wanted it. I wanted to create a box that would give you 2 looks, one that is easy to do and another, which will be a little trickier. Then let your creativity shine! Mix colours, add embellishments and tape and create a completely new look. You could flaunt a new look every week for a month until your next Savannah Nail Box arrives.

Savannah Nail Box … ’tis a box of happiness


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